Being A Part Of The Community

With Antioch School it is part of the practicum to not only participate in what are called “missional communities”, but as Antioch students, we are each required to actually lead one.  As defined by Wikipedia practicum is a college course, often in a specialized field of study, that is designed to give students supervised practical application of a previously or concurrently studied theory.  So in context of the Antioch program that means that under the supervision of the pastor, we are to utilize the nuggets of truth on living missionally toward the gospel that we learn in the program by engaging our community through a missional community.   These missional communities can look like ministries of the church or outreach avenues.  Basically anything which at the heart of it is intended to communicate the gospel to the community via engaging them in some sort of culturally relevant activity.  The missional community that I’m in charge of is the GPS Church Food Bank which was a ministry of the church handed down to me from the pastor.  Pastor Mike and I would go and deliver food to people in the Spanaway, Washington area every other week or so.  The Food Bank now meets as a Community Day the first Saturday of every month, for now.  This last Saturday, March the 5th 2011, marked the second monthly Community Day where a team of us provide food to the public along with some other pertinent needs.

I have been handing out a survey as people get their food and sign for it.  In this survey I give them options of services we can try to provide over the next few months and ask that they write any suggestions in as well.  This is my attempt to give the community a voice; to help give them what they see as a need and not what we think they need.  This Community Day is intended to engage the community in healthy genuine fellowship; to develop relationships with people outside the four walls of the church and bring the people in the church to the community.  The first Community Day, February 5th, we met in the parking lot of Spanaway Elementary and gave about a week or two worth of groceries to 9 families.  I used CraigsList to advertise for this event and that was the response.  This last Saturday I advertised on CraigsList, and as we meet in the parking lot of Spanaway Elementary, the school also let families there know about us as well.  We also had this week, a man named Luther Wallace (a barber in Lakewood) graciously volunteer his time to cut some haircuts for us.  As a collective effort we gave food to 30+ families and gave almost 10 haircuts.  This was a dramatic difference from the first and we only expect the demand to increase as we move forward.  This weekend was all about developing relationships and providing for those in need.  It was a great opportunity and we all enjoyed being a part of what God had in store!  Read more about what GPS Church is up to by visiting our church website.


About nickrfultz

I've never been real great at these "about me" sections. I struggle with narrowing my whole life down to just one statement. But since I have to, I'm a Christian first and foremost. But that doesn't mean I'm hokie. I despise the superficial culture we live in. But I loathe insincere Christians. I feel my calling in life is to be an advocate for people who aren't heard or seen, or not seen as socially adept or widely accepted. Whether those people are Christian or not I could care less. I am just drawn to them. As one of them, I am bothered by the separation that exists in the church from this people type and violently attempt to combat it. This blog, "The Antioch Process", stems from this disposition that I have. It serves as a way for me to convey to the world that in the face of adversity, no matter who we are or where we are, there is a calling to the work of a missionary as a Christian. We should all be in this together! Theologically this blog is saturated, although I'm not a theologian. But the hope is that by illustrating biblical truth in a compelling manner per what I am learning through a theological education people will be stirred to live out their calling!

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